Monday, February 8, 2010

Vote EDU

It's time to elect UESF delegates to both the CFT and AFT conventions. We are writing to ask for your support. We are the educators of EDU - Educators for a Democratic Union. We fight tirelessly at our work sites and inside our union to build a stronger, more active, more democratic union. What have we done this past year?

-Many of us represented you at the CFT convention last year.
-We represent you at the CTA State Council throughout the year.
-We ran for union office last year and received nearly 1/3 of the vote!
-We hold monthly EDU meetings to discuss issues in education on both a national and local level as well as what we can do to strengthen our own union.
-We held a study group on Arne Duncan's Race to the Top initiative to more deeply understand this attack on educators' unions.
-We brought resolutions to the UESF Executive Board and Assembly to endorse the March 4 statewide day of action, antiwar and immigrant rights demonstrations.
-We are organizing our worksites for the actions and demonstrations throughout the city on March 4.

We ask for your support in the CFT and AFT election so that we can continue to put forward a vision for fully funded public education that is relevant and addresses issues of racism, sexism and class. Please spread this message to other UESF members you know and visit our website to find out more about us.

Thanks for your support,
the CFT and AFT candidates of EDU

names of candidates listed below, with ballot number:

for CFT.....
Lisa Gutierrez Guzman, 1
Magdalena De Guzman, 16
Darlene M Anaya, 18
Tom Edminster, 21
Lita Blanc, 23
David Russitano, 27
Andy Libson, 32

for AFT...
Derrlyn Tom, 36
Adrienne Johnstone, 55
Lita Blanc, 57
David Russitano, 60